printers 3d ( negem abozed)

Until recently, it was the preserve of the mini-circle of owners of industries and occupations, and today has become available to everyone. It’s a three-dimensional printers, including its ability to build prototypes, quickly and at the lowest cost, make all of the bear designed and productive model for any willing.
“A glass of water and ice cubes,” blink of an eye, be present the trophy in the hands of Captain Kirk, the hero of Star Trek (the famous fictional TV series), what the presence of the coolest machines produce copies of objects on board the spacecraft, is not it? These machines printer products, can restructure and produce copies of anything was, body or food or anything else, and that is enough to be a design scheme of this form registered on the computer automated database.
Maybe this speech science fiction? Yes certainly, Re-forming water and ice cubes through a file stored in computer memory, has preoccupied scientists for a few more decades, As for the cup, the matter is easier to some extent, and all it takes is a three-dimensional printer, and better to be of type X Two “2X”, a reference to the data transfer speed, and so things are going better fine.
For the vast majority of people, it might be better at this stage, forget the glass, with the optical printer is three-dimensional, which is working with lasers, have the ability to build models of glass and metal, through crystallize thin layers formed successively one above the other, but they It is not accessible to everyone. Accordingly, it may be advisable printer sufficiency of the class who used resin material (Alreisen).
Speed ​​the completion of prototypes
“Begins with tee in the traditional industry of the mass of material, and then dive into the depth. As for us, Fbaeks” .. Thus speaks Lucien Hershey, director of the company “Zisdaks Zedax SA” located in Neuville Neuville area in the canton of Bern, which was founded in 2005, It is noteworthy that Hershey was among the first in Switzerland, who had expected the enormous potential of systems, printers, three-dimensional, or, more specifically, the production of models simulate prototypes closely, a so-called “manufacturing additives technology”, used in his lab.
On the day that we met it, received a man young business just a dossier for the prototype for an hour, from well-known company specializing in the manufacture of jewelry, and opened the default form file by a special program designs three-dimensional automated computer, then held on drawing some minor amendments and send it to the printer. Issue looks like a game of children, but it is more complicated, in fact, as “public sometimes forgets that the first phase information. When the three-dimensional drawing is not available, it takes action to clear the body of the original to be printed, a task that takes a long time. In many cases, it is easier to re-build form from the ground up, rather than scanning process “, according to Hershey.
In the meantime, the machine began printer operates, and took their pores creeps above the surface quickly, and every time, make a layer of resin (Alreisen) thickness of 16 microns, to turn in a few minutes, to a group of glass for watches is identical to the model that we have seen previously on the computer screen. Following thirty-seven minutes later, as the display indicates, it was prototypes made of resin material (Alreisen) almost ready, and no longer need to be separated from the only pillar of Article gels, then Tliynha by another device, to finish the whole process. We have become now set copies made of hard resinmaterialidentical to the original



by negem abozed


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