Corsat. (Negem Abozied

By nejim abozed in egypt

.... talking about Arabic search engine newly released educational courses, its content is still a bit being a newcomer, but the site Kursata does the same job but currently contains more than 700 course in various fields.


Find combines educational courses provided on the form of video from various locations engine, whether educational sites such as the porch and the Arab perception or video sites Kaluotjub General, classifying them according to the space for easy access and arrange lessons to follow them to the end.
To use the site you can search for a particular keyword or theme and offer you all courses related to this topic Kalprmjh and Marketing, or access to the Forums tab to show you the entire sections of the site and the number of courses in each of them and addresses of some courses in it.
The site provides a list was not bad from the different classifications Kalodian, e-marketing, design and editing, technology, computers and the Internet, languages, engineering, programming and other applications.
With most of the courses on the site is classified in Arabic, but not limited to, but also included some courses in English in important topics. I do not need to register the account to follow courses as you can access to the sources of the courses to expand more.


by negem abozed


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